Terms and Conditions

Projects are handled entirely by e-mail, postal mail, and telephone.

A contract is required for all projects. Work on a project cannot begin until I receive a signed contract.

My fee is payable using a bank account or credit card through PayPal, or the client can send a cashier’s check or
money order through postal mail. Which ever method client uses, work on the project will not begin until the agreed upon payment is received.

Payment Terms
My fee is payable 50% in advance, with the balance due half way through the  project. The client can cancel the
project at any time.

Additional Charges
There are no additional charges to the client other than those agreed to in the  contract. I absorb the cost of
telephone calls, photocopies, and postage and do not bill client for these expenses.

By Hour Fee
Projects billed hourly are according to the amount of minutes and hours I work on the project and includes
research, background reading, and interviews.

By Project Fee
By project fees include 3 edits.

I am unable to provide refunds. I will work with client before start of project to ensure the information I provide is

Revisions are free provided they are (a) assigned within 30 days of receipt of receiving information and (b) not
based on changes in the project made after the information is submitted.

I reserve the right to decline a project offer that promotes or encourages any activity that goes against my personal


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